Boneworks Multiplayer Is ‘Beyond The Scope’ Of Current Game But On Dev’s Radar

Hoping to jump into Boneworks and bash some robots with friends next month? We’ve got bad news for you.

In a recent Twitter post Stress Level Zero’s Brandon J Laatsch said that Boneworks multiplayer was “beyond the scope” of next month’s big release. But don’t get too disheartened; the developer also noted that multiplayer features are on the team’s “radar”.

“We too want to play in there together,” Laatsch concluded.

We may be wrong but, to us, it sounds like Laatsch is saying multiplayer won’t be included in this Boneworks game, but it could perhaps be a feature in a future title. Boneworks is getting a Quest-based spin-off next year, though we’re not sure that would be the place to introduce social features to the experience.

Either way, the idea of a co-op Boneworks experience is incredibly exciting, especially when you consider the strides the game’s making with physics. In this first-person shooter, every weapon and item handles realistically. Imagine applying those systems to VR, helping each other reach previously inaccessible areas or throwing melee weapons between each other as you take out bad guys. There’s a heck of a lot potential to expand upon the game’s already impressive foundations.

For now, we know Boneworks is due out on December 10. We’re still really, really looking forward to it, even if tomorrow’s announcement of Half-Life: Alyx is looking to steal the spotlight.

Is the lack of Boneworks multiplayer a deal breaker for you? Or are you all-in anyways? Let us know in the comments below!

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