Free Multiplayer Quest + PC VR Shooter Blastworld Leaves Early Access With New Modes

There’s some new free VR content to check out this week, as multiplayer shooter Blastworld leaves Early Access.

Yes, out of Early Access but still free. Blastworld is a more playful take on the shooter genre, in which players use weapons that are similar to foam dart guns. In this week’s update, the game adds a Zombies Royale mode. It’s essentially a Battle Royale mode but, when players die, they turn into zombies that other players will have to watch out for. This mode can be played either in PvP or PvE variations.

Also new is Overkill which, as its name suggests, takes inspiration from Overwatch. Here players work together to either attack or defend a point in the map. Finally, there’s also self-explanatory bomb defusal and capture the flag modes. Check out the launch trailer for this content in the trailer above.

The developer still plans to add new content now that ‘full’ version of the game is available. It’s currently working on an improved social lobby among other aspects.

Blastworld is free to download on Oculus Quest via Sidequest and PC VR via Steam. However, developer Hipfire Games offers ‘Gold Accounts’ for $9.99. This unlocks extra characters and new content. You’ll also get access to this account if you play the game through HTC’s Viveport Infinity subscription.

Hipfire also released the full version of its cooperative ship-fixing game, Failspace, back in January. Will you be checking out the full version of Blastworld? Let us know in the comments below!

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