Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Adds ‘Bread Crabs’ And ‘Oberwurst’ In Half-Life 2 Parody Update

If you’re looking for something to play after finishing Half-Life: Alyx, physics playground Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades now includes a new mode that’s inspired by Half-Life 2.

For those of you unfamiliar, the game better known as H3VR from RUST LTD. is a kind of sandbox playground with a range of modes, tons of weapons, and an irreverent sense of humor that chooses to make non-playable characters look like hot dogs. An obsession with meat — and sausage in particular — runs throughout the game and its developers continuously update the title. In fact, this latest mode is the game’s 87th update. That’s an extraordinary number of changes since H3VR’s release in 2016 that, combined with the game’s large fan-base, makes it unlike anything else in VR.

Welldone Freemeat

The new update adds a new playable character called “Welldone Freemeat” to H3VR’s Take & Hold game mode. That’s the game’s tactical roguelike mode in which players become a character like a Cowboy, WW2 “riflewiener”, or a special operations commando to then fight through stages of increasing difficulty. The latest update features custom weapon progression with five new weapons inspired by Half-Life 2. The new weapons include a “custom Mp7 and a crossbow that grills and fires 2-foot long hot dogs,” according to developer Anton Hand. New “Sosig Soldiers” are there too (members of the “Porcine Oberwurst”) alongside new enemy types that include “the absurd Bread Crab and terrifying Meat-hack,” according to Hand, plus “even more stupid puns.”

You can learn more in Hand’s developer log video below. H3VR is available on Steam for $20.

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