Persistence Dev Firesprite Hiring For VR Game Based On ‘Multimillion Selling Console IP’

The Persistence developer Firesprite is working on a new VR game based on a new, multimillion-selling console title from the last decade.

Job listings for the UK-based studio (first spotted on Reddit) outline an action adventure game that’s “adapted from one of the most original and successful multimillion selling console IP titles in the last 10 years.” A listing for a Lead Producer says the developer is working with the IP holder to release a “whole new chapter” in a “highly original universe”. It will also uitlize “the full immersive capabilities in VR”.

There’s no other hints about what the title could be but it’s worth noting that The Persistence was initially released as a PSVR exclusive with the help of Sony before coming to PC VR and flatscreen consoles. Given that that relationship already exists, and the fact that Sony has released multiple successful new IP in the past 10 years, could the team perhaps be working on another PSVR project? If so, which IP would you want to see brought to VR?

The developer appears to have multiple other projects in the works right now, including an action shooter and a narrative-led title, but these don’t appear to be linked to the VR project.

We were very fond of The Persistence when it released a few years back. “The Persistence offers something fresh and engaging by mixing different genres that we don’t often see melded together so well,” we said, awarding the game 8/10 (yes, we used to do that scale). “On a moment-to-moment basis the horrors lurking around every corner keep you on your toes and the give-and-take aspect of its roguelike nature ensures that no two runs are ever quite the same.”

What do you think Firesprite is working on in VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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