Stride Oculus Quest Version May Switch Out Story Mode For Multiplayer

Joy Way is keen to get a Stride Oculus Quest version up and running, but it might make some changes to the game to get it there.

The game’s story-driven campaign mode, which won’t be ready for Early Access release, might not make it into the standalone version of the game. Instead, Joy Way is considering developing a multiplayer mode for Quest.

Stride Oculus Quest Version On The Way

“There will be no problems with arcade modes in terms of optimization and graphics,” the team told UploadVR in an interview we’ll publish later this week. “With the story mode, everything is much more complicated in terms of optimization. We think it is easier to make multiplayer, so we are considering this option as an alternative for Quest.”

It’s not yet clear how a multiplayer mode for Stride might work – though races and cooperative play seem like great ideas – but Joy Way says the lobby area could let players train while they wait for others.

“As for multiplayer, warming up players in arcade and arena mode is a suitable option,” the team said. “Players practice in those modes, and when the required number of players are online, the deathmatch will begin.”

Rest assured, though, that Joy Way is hopeful to get the game onto Facebook’s tightly-curated official store by building up a strong player base on PC. Failing that, though, a SideQuest version is also being considered.

We’d love to see Stride on Quest. From what we’ve played, the game is a lot of fun on PC VR headsets, but would definitely benefit from the standalone’s wire-free setup. Still, Stride is only just entering its Early Access phase on PC VR, so we wouldn’t expect to see it on the device for some time yet. Will you be waiting for a Stride Oculus Quest version or picking up the full game this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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