Tea For God Update Adds Extensive Tutorials For New Players

Another update dropped for the roomscale VR gem Tea For God. This latest update adds an often requested and much needed feature – tutorials.

The popular roomscale VR game Tea For God has been on a roll with updates over the last few months, with major new features being added to each new build. While the game has been around for quite a while now, it has never had any tutorials or introductions for new players.

With this latest build, that’s all changed. Not only have tutorials been added to the game, but it’s an extensive list that covers almost all aspects of the game’s mechanics and systems. You can take a look at the tutorial topics below.

tea for god tutorials

tea for god tutorials 2

The tutorials are separated from the game itself — they’re not integrated into gameplay, but act as a separate option in the menu that you can choose to run through if you wish. That being said, if you die while playing the main game, certain tutorials will be suggested based on the way in which you died or what you did wrong.

In the release notes, the developer notes that the tutorials aren’t designed for new players to go through all at once before starting the game. Instead, they’re available as complimentary tools to utilize at a similar pace to the game’s natural learning curve.

The previous big update for Tea For God saw the addition of experimental hand tracking support for the Oculus Quest build. While the feature remains very buggy and imperfect, you can read our thoughts and watch some footage of that here.

The 0.4.7 build of Tea For God is now available to download online or available on SideQuest for Oculus Quest users.

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