The Edge Of Time Quest Launch Coming A Month Later

Well that was fast. Just as soon as Doctor Who: The Edge of Time was confirmed for release on all platforms in November, its Quest version has slipped. Not by much, though.

Yesterday’s press release stating the game would launch on November 12 listed all platforms, including Rift, Vive, PSVR and Quest. Replying to one fan on Twitter, however, developer Maze Theory confirmed that the Quest launch would arrive “almost exactly one month” after the others.

This isn’t hugely surprising news given that the Quest version will likely require more optimization to get it running smoothly on mobile VR hardware. Traditionally VR titles have released on PC VR first before making the journey to PSVR and Quest. PlayStation itself confirmed the PSVR version will be coming on November 12, though.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is an all-new adventure set during the current era featuring Jodie Whittaker herself. Players are cast as a new companion for the Doctor and must set about saving the universe from the Reality Virus. You’ll travel to different times and places using the iconic Tardis and meet villains both old and new. We’ve been hands-on with the game a few times now and we’re looking forward to trying out the final build.

That makes Fast Travel Games’ The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets the only Quest game scheduled to launch that week of November. It’s a busy week for VR in general, though, as Oculus exclusive Stormland will also be touching down on that day.

Will you be getting Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time in November or holding out for the Quest release in December? Let us know in the comments below!

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