Totally Baseball Hits Oculus Quest This Week And Exits Steam Early Access

Are you ready to round the bases in VR?

After roughly a year and a half in Early Access on Steam the baseball game with throwing, catching, and batting is exiting early access as well as hitting the Oculus Quest store on July 8th. Totally Baseball is a single-player game at launch but the Austin, Texas-based studio behind the game, Viewer Ready, is testing multiplayer and hopes to have it released by the end of the year.

“Releasing the game isn’t so much about making money but more so hoping to inspire game devs and studios in the future to develop more sports games,” Viewer Ready founder JJ Castillo wrote in a direct message. “The fact that 6DOF VR has been a consumer product since 2016 and not only are we just now getting a real version of baseball (not another home run derby sim) but we actually had to make it ourselves is pretty nuts. We’re excited for players to finally play it out of it’s EARLY ACCESS state (and it’s come a long way since we originally uploaded it for PC, with polished physics, custom options, and ai tweaks etc.) But more so we’re excited to inspire other devs to tackle other sports using our template, and hoping that it does well enough to motivate big companies to invest in sports titles and not just more wave shooters.”

We’re looking forward to giving Totally Baseball a try, the developers put together the following teaser showing how they adapted a full baseball game to VR.

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